About me

Viktbloggerskan is a 30-something (born 1979) beauty geek, Sweden based, but born in Germany. Having lived in Sweden since 1996, Viktbloggerskan soon discovered her love for IT and technology and, after finishing her IT degree in 2004, has been working in the business since. In 2008, her interest for makeup and skincare led the way to both YouTube and beauty blogging. Oh what a lovely world! A couple of own blogs and a rather neglected YouTube channel later, Viktbloggerskan registrered her own domain a few months ago and is now determined to take her blogging to the next level.

Viktbloggerskan regularly visits her home country together with her husband. Being different from other Swedes, Viktbloggerskan doesn't spend those visits buying cheap booze, but searching the German (drug-)stores in the quest for beauty products not available in Sweden. She also has a post box in the US which is frequently used for buying special treats not available in Europe.

Viktbloggerskan spends way too much time on Bloglovin', YouTube, Makeupalley and Specktra. This blog will contain both hauls, swap hauls, YouTube videos, reviews etc.

Viktbloggerskan? What kind of a name is that?

Viktbloggerskan is really called Tina. My first blog being a weight loss blog, I decided to use this as an inspiration for my username (vikt = Swedish for weight, bloggerskan = Swedish for female blogger).