I work by Swedish press ethical rules. I do accept press material in form of text, pictures and product samples.
If you decide to send me a product for review purposes, please understand that
  1. I will, on a case by case basis, decide wether or not I will review it.
  2. If I decide to review it, I will do so honestly and objectively.
The opinion and rating of products that I decide to feature on this blog are always my own and can be neither affected nor bought. I will never accept any kind of monetary compensation for reviewing any kind of products on my blog.

That said, most products featured on this blog have been either purchased by me personally or obtained via swaps. If I have received a product for consideration, I will always state this as part of the review.

I am a layman. Beauty is a huge passion of mine, but I am not a trained professional. Please take this into consideration when reading this blog and trying out products I've mentioned.