Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New stuff

I'm way behind in review and haul posts. Took a quick photo the other day to show you how far behind I am:
Lots of fun stuff, both hauls and swaps. Let's get busy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent calendar

I must have touched hubby's Christmas nerve by presenting him with the Advent calendar I made for him. While still at work I received a text from him with the words "I have a surprise for you!". Coming home from work early he had gone to the mall and done some shopping, so when I came home I found the most lovely Advent calendar ever:
He went to my favorite tea shop (tea being my biggest passion right after beauty products) and bought lots of small baggies of tea, pralines and cookies.

I am a bit confused about this one though:
When am I supposed to open this???

Member event at The Body Shop

How I love having colleagues who at least partially share my love for beauty products! Suze asked me if I wanted to join her at The Body Shop's member event which takes place today and tomorrow, so we snug out of the office at lunch and bought some goodies for ourselves and a few Christmas presents as well.

I bought quite a few products from the lovely "Jolly Orange" line (didn't care much for "Cranberry Joy") as well as a present for hubby. As a gift I received a stocking filled with 3 full-size products: Hemp Hand Protector, Carrot Moisture Cream and Divide & Multiply Mascara. Very generous I think, and for once a GWP with very usable products!

A pile of hay...

Hey, isn't that hay? And snow?
 When I came home last night it was already pretty cold. The thermometer went down to minus 18 celsius during the night, brrrr. Nevertheless, I was determined to dig through the hay which I had put in my organic waste bin the night before in the search for the lost Heymountain sample.

A good thing about this cold weather is that all waste bin contents freeze over rather quickly, so no mess. But-  a waste bin is surprisingly steep! I thought I had removed all the hay when taking this photo:

Turns out I was wrong, so I kept digging.

The result? No sample to be found anywhere... :-( Well, hubby will get something else in his advent calendar instead, but I will make sure to order another sample next time I order from Heymountain!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When the mailman calls and you're not home...

...you just have to go down to the post office yourself and pick up your Heymountain package!
Hay! Well, it's Heymountain, isn't it?

My package was quite heavy, and when I opened it, at first I saw nothing but hay. And hay. And more hay. Digging through the hay (and making a mess all over the kitchen table and floor), I found all of the products I ordered and quite a few "Goodies" (samples and full size extras).

Loads of lovely products!
I crossed off everything on the packing slip to make sure I hadn't missed anything in the hay - turns out I may have done so after all... One of the samples I asked for which the people at Heymountain crossed off on the packing slip and which I assumed to be amongst the others samples in the sample bag (see in the picture down right - yes, those are all samples!) is nowhere to be found... Having already put the hay into the organic waste bin I will have to dig through that tonight, as Rainer at Heymountain told me in an e-mail this morning that most of the time they put all samples into the same bag, but sometimes a stray sample can be put in the box separately. I know, it's only a sample, but it's one I intended for my hubby and I wanted to put it into his advent calendar, hence the digging through the hay in the bin tonight.
I will let you know how that goes :-) Also, I will tell you the details on the package contents once I have unpacked the individual products!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Reading other people's blog can both be a good and a bad thing. I don't know yet how I should classify my reading about Heymountain both on Magimania and Anti-Früchtchen, seeing as it has and probably will continue to burn deep holes in my pockets, but at the same time I am amazed to find yet another German based company with such lovely produts and (not yet self-perceived, just placed my order 5 minutes ago) customer service. Both Zaz over at Magimania and Roxy at Anti-Früchtchen received a ton of samples with their orders (Zaz even received 2 full size produts plus another 5 or so samples for free). Don't we all love a generous company that leaves us wanting more more more?

Not having heard about Heymountain before I read through their homepage looking for information about the company history. When you look at the kind of products they sell your immediatly think about Lush, one of my most loved natural cosmetics companies. As stated on Heymountain's homepage, the owners have actually worked with both The Body Shop and Lush (launching Lush in Germany) before starting up their own business in 2007. The company is based in and being operated from Nusplingen, a Swabian town i Germany's Zollernalb district. "Heymountain" is a direct translation of "Heuberg", a small mountain in the Zollernalb. Cute, isn't it?

As mentioned, I just placed my first order 5 minutes ago. My number 1 favorite over at Lush are their gorgeous Christmas products, so I couldn't help but buying lots of those at Heymountain, too. I also included 2 kinds of lemon soaps and a lemon lip balm (yes, I'm all about lemon right now!). I will receive a shampoo as a free gift for being a newsletter subscriber (they have a regular newsletter where they state a "parole" that will earn you free goodies). I also asked for a couple of samples - let's see what I will get! Very excited!

I will keep you posted once my order arrives!