Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Reading other people's blog can both be a good and a bad thing. I don't know yet how I should classify my reading about Heymountain both on Magimania and Anti-Früchtchen, seeing as it has and probably will continue to burn deep holes in my pockets, but at the same time I am amazed to find yet another German based company with such lovely produts and (not yet self-perceived, just placed my order 5 minutes ago) customer service. Both Zaz over at Magimania and Roxy at Anti-Früchtchen received a ton of samples with their orders (Zaz even received 2 full size produts plus another 5 or so samples for free). Don't we all love a generous company that leaves us wanting more more more?

Not having heard about Heymountain before I read through their homepage looking for information about the company history. When you look at the kind of products they sell your immediatly think about Lush, one of my most loved natural cosmetics companies. As stated on Heymountain's homepage, the owners have actually worked with both The Body Shop and Lush (launching Lush in Germany) before starting up their own business in 2007. The company is based in and being operated from Nusplingen, a Swabian town i Germany's Zollernalb district. "Heymountain" is a direct translation of "Heuberg", a small mountain in the Zollernalb. Cute, isn't it?

As mentioned, I just placed my first order 5 minutes ago. My number 1 favorite over at Lush are their gorgeous Christmas products, so I couldn't help but buying lots of those at Heymountain, too. I also included 2 kinds of lemon soaps and a lemon lip balm (yes, I'm all about lemon right now!). I will receive a shampoo as a free gift for being a newsletter subscriber (they have a regular newsletter where they state a "parole" that will earn you free goodies). I also asked for a couple of samples - let's see what I will get! Very excited!

I will keep you posted once my order arrives!

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