Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A pile of hay...

Hey, isn't that hay? And snow?
 When I came home last night it was already pretty cold. The thermometer went down to minus 18 celsius during the night, brrrr. Nevertheless, I was determined to dig through the hay which I had put in my organic waste bin the night before in the search for the lost Heymountain sample.

A good thing about this cold weather is that all waste bin contents freeze over rather quickly, so no mess. But-  a waste bin is surprisingly steep! I thought I had removed all the hay when taking this photo:

Turns out I was wrong, so I kept digging.

The result? No sample to be found anywhere... :-( Well, hubby will get something else in his advent calendar instead, but I will make sure to order another sample next time I order from Heymountain!

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