Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite hair care product (as of right now...)

The lovely Kicki over at DaisyBeauty has an amazing contest going on right now. Lots of fantastic products from Kérastase to take care of winter tired hair. Winter tired hair, that truly is something I can identify with right now. My hair really leads a life of its own at the moment, scarsely doing what I want it to do and looking quite odd at times. Winning this contest could be the answer to my prayers! And who knows, I might find a new favorite for my hair care routine?

The one hair care product that does save me right now is my Moroccanoil. Started using it a few months ago and I truly hope it will last forever! Not only does it smell divine, but it also keeps my hair nourished and smooth (well, smooth-er should be the right term). Love at first sight, though I must say I was pretty sceptical at first, seeing as my hair can be anything from dry to greasy in a matter of hours. Putting oil on that sounds like a desaster, but I truly believe it's what keeps my hair manageable right now.

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