Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tina's Sunday Bath, Dec 26th 2010

Time for episode 1 in the new "Tina's Sunday Bath" series. I have been planning this for while, thus the late date - I have 3 more "old" posts coming up, which I hope to post during this week, then I should be up to date.

December 26th - Christmas was over (well, almost), I had to go back to work the following day and was looking for some distraction. What better than a chocolate bath! Heymountain has a lot of Christmas products (some still available, check the website or check back in November!), Chocolat being one of them. Chocolat is a cute brown bunny  fizzing bathbomb with cacaobutter and a chocalatety-citrusy scent.
I like how Heymountain puts a label on all of their products, telling you a bit about the product and listing the ingredients:

Needless to say, this smells divine. I love chocolate (who doesn't?) and bathing in it was just lovely. The only drawback must be the color this bathbomb gives to the water:
Not very pretty, eh? But well, I can oversee that, since the oils in the bathbomb left my skin really soft, so it's going on my re-purchase list!

Chocolat was €4,95 at

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